Welcome to folkCD.no! We hope you will enjoy the music we have selected for this first volume, from the rich flora of Norwegian and Sami contemporary folk music. Ranging from the purest tradition to modern folk fusion expressions this music is some of the best the Norwegian scene has to offer.

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The Dance Companies


FRIKAR dance company combines contemporary dance with Norwegian traditions, and is the leading dance company in its genre. FRIKAR was founded by dancer and artistic director Hallgrim Hansegård in 2006. Since the startup the company has toured 32 countries. Hansegård has won several film and choreography prizes, both nationally and internationally. FRIKAR creates contemporary performances based on Norwegian folk dance. FRIKAR moves through the unknown armed with old knowledge, headed towards a sustainable future, and striving to create productions with a small environmental footprint.

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GotoGuta by Frikar


Kartellet (The Cartel) was originally a dance performance initiated and choreographed by Sigurd Johan Heide with newly composed mu- sic by Mariann Torset for the festival Kalottspel in 2012. Now they have established a dance company called Kartellet and Kartellet AS, and have given five full-length performances since 2012. These performances are: ‘Kartellet’ in 2012, ‘Kan du komme ned og hente meg?’ (‘Can you come down and fetch me?’) in 2014, ‘Doppler’ in 2015, ‘Anføttes’ in 2016 and ‘Dans med Kartellet’ in 2016. In 2016 they were Festival Profiles at the Arctic Arts Festival in Harstad. They won the Norwegian Critics Prize in 2016 for Best Dance Performance with ‘Doppler’, and Troms County’s Culture Prize in 2016.

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Doppler by Kartellet


Villniss dance company explores how the powerful and acrobatic steps of the Norwegian traditional dance can express different rela- tions, moods, stories and emotional landscapes. Working closely with live music, they are always seeking new ways to make traditional dance contemporary.

In ‘Dei gamle er eldst’ choreographer Silje Onstad Hålien has gathered her great, old mentors in halling dance to celebrate life, will and the power of music and dance.

These are the fabulous dancers you have ad- mired in competitions, met at dances, seen in archival footage or learned from in class. They dance with confident steps that the young ones can just dream about.

Every one of them has created bustling communities that span across generations. They have taught us how to dance, and with their support we stand strong.

Tuva Syvertsen has composed the music and is performing in this piece together with fiddler Sivert Holmen. With her lyrics, harmonies and powerful rhytmic soundscape they are providing strong support for the dancers’ expressions. One phrase runs like a mantra through the performance: ‘If I cannot dance, I will perish.’

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Dei gamle er eldst by Villniss